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Internet Sharing, Web Sharing & /var/named
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TOPIC: Internet Sharing, Web Sharing & /var/named

Internet Sharing, Web Sharing & /var/named 8 years, 8 months ago #952

I am having a hell of a time trying to get Internet Sharing working on my old TiBook. It's been running before, and i haven't screwed with apache or anything, so it ~should~ be cool, right?
The machine is running 10.3.9 because it's too old to bother upgrading right now.

So I try to turn on Internet Sharing, and if Web Sharing isn't running, it complains.
I try to enable web sharing, and according to the console log, it parses /private/etc/httpd/users/spkelly.conf just fine and launches apache just fine, but the "Staring Web Sharing..." in the prefs pane never resolves.

So I go to launch Internet Sharing since the firewall is open and httpd is running, and it says it launches int he prefs pane, but in the console error log it crashes out because /var/named has not been created, so the named proxy dies, and sure enough, tabbing out of and back to Internet Sharing shows Internet Sharing is off.

Any idea what phase of the Web Sharing startup may be going haywire, and where/how to fix it?
I've tried putting a copy of my httpd.conf in /private/etc/httpd/users/ since that's the only place it's verbosely reading from, but then the log jsut throws a bunch of "module already loaded, skipping" warnings and then crashes out with a fopen: too many files. So I assume httpd.conf is in fact being read properly somewhere.

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