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TOPIC: Shareware gaming history book

Shareware gaming history book 2 months, 2 weeks ago #4444

Been meaning to post about this since the project launched a few weeks ago — I'm doing another book with Unbound. This time I'll be digging into the history of the shareware games scene.

So that means stories on the early days of Epic, Apogee, and id, plus more Ambrosia Software stuff and various other stories on the weird, wonderful, horrible, and brilliant things created during shareware's heyday. Like the Mac gaming book, it'll be focused on the behind the scenes stuff more so than the games themselves, but this time I hope to have a clearer narrative arc through the book. (And of course this one won't be Mac-specific — I'm going platform-agnostic, with Amiga, Mac, DOS, 8-bit computers, and so on, albeit with the thrust of the story being on the DOS and early Windows side because that's where the most action is.)

Anyway, check it out if this sounds interesting. And let me know what games/devs/distributors/etc you'd like to see covered in there.

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