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OpenEmulator 1.0.3 is out
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TOPIC: OpenEmulator 1.0.3 is out

OpenEmulator 1.0.3 is out 11 years, 11 months ago #3426

1.0.3 is available as of now at www.openemulator.org . Here is a feature update list:

* Added the 1979 Apple II plus and Apple II j-plus
* Added the 1979 Disk II drives and interface card (13 and 16 sector),
with support for DSK, DO, D13, PO, CPM, NIB, 2IMG, FDI, DiskCopy 4.2,
V2D disk images
* Added the 1979 Apple 16K Language Card
* Added the 1979 Apple Graphics Tablet interface and card
* Added the 1979 Videx Videoterm 80 column card, with cycle accurate
MC6845 emulation
* Added the R&D CFFA interface card for mounting PO, 2IMG, HDV,
HDF, DiskCopy 4.2, VDI (VirtualBox) and VMDK (VMWare disk image) disk
* Fixed CTRL keyboard problems in Apple II's
* Added applesoft-lite 0.4 to Briel Replica-1

B-W01;443514 wrote:
Looks like it is only available on Mac. Boo!

Next release has planned Windows and Linux support .

With the best wishes,


Re: OpenEmulator 1.0.3 is out 11 years, 9 months ago #3473

well this site is called MACscene, so no big surprise there.

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