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New Features 12 years, 10 months ago #318

The first full week of the new year is nearly complete, and I thought I would share some of the latest features of the site (as well as get some opinions on upcoming ones). New features include:
  • Video Game Fact of the Day - We've actually had a good number of people subscribe to this feed. The first two months are all ready to go, and if you would like to help out with this project, I'd love to have the help. One of my reasons for putting this together is in combination with GeekTool. I even attached a screenshot of one of my three monitors. I'd be happy to put together a tutorial for people interested.
  • Automatic Poll Updating - One of the great features of MacScene v0.9 was the ability to queue up content (especially polls). This ability has been put back into place, and a handful of polls are ready to go.
  • Comments System - The comments system now has a nice clean look to it, and a nice little easter egg (random villian in post warning).
  • Article Improvements - I've sped up articles a lot (including the posting of them), and we now have the ability to post to social sharing sites. Let me know if there are any other popular sites you would like to share MacScene articles to.
  • New Members - Not really a feature, but we have had over a hundred people register since we relaunched, and thousands more people are visiting the frontpage. In fact, I was bragging to IUG that December 29th was MacScene's biggest day ever (even from our days as Mac.Emuscene and Emuscene). The amazing thing is that January 6th just surpassed December 29th by nearly 10%.

In Progress Features:
  • Forum Redesign - This is a big project, and I've been taking notes on some of my favorite forums and my least favorite forums. I'm hoping to have a nice clean design done sometime in the near future.
  • Easter Eggs - It's a secret to everybody.
  • Achievements - After reading an excellent article from our friends at Wolfire Software about arbitrary awards I figured there's no reason to stir a little competition here on MacScene. Look out for our trophy / achievement system in the near future.
  • More Content - M.I.K.e.'s article on the front page is a great example of what the community is capable of. A number of people have contacted me asking how they can get involved, and I hope they come through. Emulation and Gaming are broad fields of interest, and there's a lot the community probably has to offer.
  • Downloads Section - Bringing back one of the most popular parts of MacScene v0.9.

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