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Aug 10 Fact of the Day
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TOPIC: Aug 10 Fact of the Day

Aug 10 Fact of the Day 13 years, 8 months ago #1376

So anyone else here remember seeing The Wizard in the movies? OH MAN was it awesome. Speaking of which did anyone else here go to the Nintendo World Championships and compete? I did and made it up to the big stage but to this day I curse the game Rad Racer. I just was no good at it and didn't like it to boot so I made up for it in Tetris. Just not enough on the knock out stage to boost me up. That was one of the coolest video game things I've ever done. Getting to play all the new GB games and SMB3 amongst tons of other games. It was set up so perfect. I think they had a 2 or 3 minute reset timer so everyone got a chance and no one could really hog the game. Share your stories!

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