How to quickly cure a cold in one day?

Is it possible to cure a cold in 24 hours? There is no doubt that you can catch it very quickly. But can you get rid of the symptoms of the disease just as quickly? Learn effective ways to fight colds!

The season of diseases has begun

The winter season is the season of increased incidence of respiratory infections, colds and flu. The coronavirus pandemic will also accompany this year. You are vulnerable to attacks by pathogenic viruses and bacteria that your immune system may not be able to cope with.

Cold symptoms

The common cold develops very quickly. It is caused by infection of viruses, most often enteroviruses and rhinoviruses. Its main symptoms are a runny nose, cough, sore throat, headache, weakness and a feeling of general weakness. One thing is for sure – the symptoms of a cold appear extremely quickly. But can you overcome them as quickly?

There is no magic middle ground...

There is no single effective and reliable method of rapid treatment of colds. How long it will last depends on the severity of the symptoms, the course of the infection and the general state of human health. However, there are proven home remedies that will significantly accelerate recovery. Symptoms of the disease may appear after 24 hours!

Effective ways to fight colds

• Get into bed

If you want to beat a cold quickly, be sure to stay in bed. Use rest treatment, which includes avoiding any excessive physical exertion, rest, and do not overwork yourself.

• Drink plenty of fluids

Do not forget to properly moisturize your body. When you are sick, you lose fluid faster and feel more thirsty, so you should drink at least 1.5-2 liters of any liquid per day. It is recommended to drink warming tea with lemon and honey, herbal infusions from plants with a diaphoretic effect: elderberry, raspberry, linden, birch.

• Consume broth

If you are struggling with a cold, be sure to use homemade broth! This is a well–known folk remedy for diseases, but even scientific studies confirm that broth is a proven way to fight infections and colds. It will warm up and strengthen your body, thereby speeding up recovery.

• Fight the symptoms

If you have a fever, use antipyretics, anti-inflammatory and painkillers containing paracetamol and ibuprofen. If you have a cough, get the necessary pills, syrups and painkillers sprays. If you have a stuffy nose and runny nose, decongestants are useful: nasal drops, sea water and saline for inhalation. If you have a sore throat, you can use tablets or salt rinses.

• Don't forget to strengthen your immune system

Do not forget to take vitamins in order to strengthen the immune system and ease the course of the disease. Take vitamin D3 and vitamin C daily. Make sure that your diet contains a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, seeds, nuts and whole grain products. In winter, choose pickles and healthy juices, for example, from chokeberry, raspberry, elderberry. learn about what does it mean to cheat fortnite in this informational