This is what physically happens to the body when one is in love.

Being in love is a wonderful and very pleasant thing. But apart from that, there are many things that happen in the body when you feel butterflies in your stomach. We list them. Even when you are excited or on a sex date, the body reacts accordingly.

Here's what happens when you are in love

It is known that when you fall in love a lot of things happen in your head. But did you know that a lot also changes in your body when you are in love? Being awake for nights on end, barely able to eat: Being in love does a lot of crazy things. Fortunately, there is a scientific explanation for these 11 things that change in the body!

1. feeling drunk

Scientists have studied both oxytocin (the love hormone) and alcohol, and although both act on different parts of the brain, you feel the same sensation. After a few glasses of alcohol, one feels less inhibited, anxious, aggressive and more confident.

2. red cheeks and sweaty palms

Your cheeks redden, your hands shrivel up and your heart beats faster. You have probably noticed that before a date your hands become clammy and your heart beats faster. This is not only because you are nervous, but also because adrenalin and noradrenalin are stimulated.

3. pupils become larger

When you are attracted to someone and are close to them, your pupils dilate slightly. This is due to stimulation of the nervous system.

4. one feels nauseous

It is normal to feel nauseous or listless when you have just met someone. Your body is telling you that you really like this person. Falling in love causes the stress hormone to constrict the blood vessels in your stomach. This makes you feel bad, but fortunately the situation improves as you get to know each other.

5. superpowers?

Being in love can give you superpowers. Of course, in moderation. Do you know the story of the mother who lifted a car to save her child? Not only do parents have this superpower, but you can experience it yourself when you have a crush on someone.

6. addiction

You cannot take your eyes off your lover, like an addiction. There is a reason why you love to hang pictures of your crush everywhere. The desire to always look at your lover is due to the release of dopamine in the brain. Research has even shown that the effect on the brain is comparable to that of cocaine.

7. the voice is louder

When a woman talks to someone she is attracted to, her voice automatically becomes higher and more feminine. No wonder your voice sounds slightly different in the presence of your partner.

8. worrying too much

You start to worry when you are not with that person. Just like a drug addict quitting their addiction, you feel more stressed, anxious and depressed when you are not with your partner. For people in a long-distance relationship, this is a bit more difficult.

9. you may gain weight

Most people gain weight when they settle down and get married; however, you may lose some weight at the beginning of your relationship. Research shows that the average bride gains about 10 kilos in the five years after marriage.

10. you may not sleep well

Because you are in a state of euphoria, you have much more energy and it is harder to fall asleep. If you are constantly thinking about the person in question, this may even affect your concentration during the day.

11. chronic pain can diminish

Love can act like medicine! This is because the intense feeling activates the same brain areas as painkillers. It is therefore no wonder that being in love.

Here is what happens to your body when you are in love