The favor of the King of Cards slot

This magical game is able to excite the player, its magic of cards, which can bring unprecedented wealth. Daredevil who decided to play a slot game “King of Cards” online (simply put “Card King” or “King of Cards”), begins the passage of an exciting but no less dangerous way to After all, he is able to take the player, as to the incredible success and a series of defeats. How it all ends, known only to the great King of Cards, which shows his favor only to those who are faithful to his subjects. The gameplay itself free slot “King of Cards” is based on the symbolism of the usual playing cards, which is breathtaking. Even turning a blind eye to the fact that the winnings are completely virtual, this slot gives the player the most real emotions and taste of victory. Maybe it's because the card game is so unpredictable. Many people know the god of Norse mythology named Loki, who represents mischief, guile, and cunning. So the King in this game is something like him. Nevertheless, each player has a chance to get into the game of Cards and, learning the principles of the King, to outplay him.

Graphics “King of Cards”

The developers have worked hard on the drawing graphics and exciting sounds, slot machine King of Cards. But to make the game even more interesting and exciting, have been introduced qualities such as five reels and nine paylines to choose from. There is also a risk game, which allows you to double your winnings, and an automatic start. There are also free spins, the use of which is impossible to resist. Each player, who truly believes in fortune, should test their luck by playing for free on the slot machine King of Cards. This game has not been deprived of an important element, such as the wild symbol. As he will be the very King of cards, which will increase the player's chances of big winnings. Various combinations, in combination with him, will bring the player the cherished coins. However, any self-respecting player wants to double your winnings. To increase it a couple of times, the player will play the risk game. Sometimes even this seems insufficient, which means only one thing—you need to take risks until you do not have the desire to stop. In the meantime, let the player multiply his winnings with lightning speed. Luck turned to the player and began to shower chips in a slot game, Card King? This is a great sign. Because the gold chips will open the way to the fifteen free spins, where you can increase your winnings by up to three times.

Slot machine King of Cards

Card theme in slot machines is used very often, however, the slot King of Cards to stand out from the crowd of analogues will not be difficult at all due to certain advantages that it has. An unusual combination of card suits and slot machine will make you take a new look at the world of gambling. In addition, the slot machine will bring its customers not only a good mood, but also excellent money prizes for folding sequences.

Description of the slot machine King of Cards

Control panel for the King of Cards slot—a classic, but to note its uniqueness due to the non-standard location is still worth it. The name of the game is located at the bottom of the screen, there will be fixed winnings, and displayed balance with the current bet. Lines in the machine 9, to set them proposed using the buttons hold, each has its own value. Stakes in the game can be varied by using One Bet and Max Bet. Reels allowed to rotate by pressing Spin in the case of a single rotation, for a cyclic scrolling on the same parameter using the button Auto.

Play slot machine King of Cards

King of Cards slot is fully filled with card themes. The most expected combination in a slot machine King of Cards is the fall of five jokers on a line. This layout will give you the jackpot, multiplying your winnings by, 9000 times. Joker, just like poker, has the ability to replace other non bonus symbols, creating winning combinations and doubling the winning amounts, because it is “Wild”. Scatter is the symbol of poker chips. He'll give you as much as 15 free reel spins and triple your winnings.
Need to see on your screen 3-5 of these images. If you get lucky, and you collect 5 pictures in a row, you become the owner of the second-largest win, it will multiply your bet by 4500 times. There is a slot machine King of Cards and the double game for those who like to tickle your nerves.