How to cook tiramisu

Tiramisu is a traditional Italian dessert. To prepare it, exotic cheese is required. However, you can simplify the task. And instead of delights, take the usual products. As a result, you get a dessert, which in taste is in no way inferior to overseas. On the contrary, he will have his own highlight. Tiramisu: prepared to cook tiramisu, it is necessary to prepare products. Instead of exotic cookies, take the usual children's, about a half -kilogram. It will be a workpiece or the so -called cakes. After that, you should go to the collection of products for the cream. To do this, take a glass of cream, 5 eggs, a glass of sugar. And now the procedure itself. There is nothing complicated. On the contrary, this is an opportunity to create a real masterpiece 1 in a short period of time. 1. First you need to do cream. Separate proteins from yolks. And separately beat the yolks with a half portion of sugar in a bowl. And set aside a bowl with yellow mass. 2. The next step in the preparation of cream is to beat the proteins with sugar. To the protein mass, it is necessary to gradually add cream and continue to whisk. And so, until it is possible to connect proteins to the cream together. 3. Now the procedure is reverse to connect proteins to yolks. Both mixtures must be connected very carefully. So that the proteins do not lose shape. 4. The cream is ready. Now is the time and place to start collecting the cake. Moreover, the workpiece is available. Therefore, you need to get cookies from the cabinet. Put the first “cake” from it on a tray or a large dish. Now the turn of the cream has come. Lubricate the paved cookies with cream. 5. Now you need to start assembling the second cake. After it has been laid out on top of the first, it must be lubricated with cream. 6. Typically, this amount of cookies is enough for exactly 2 cakes. After everything is collected and anointed, the turn of the sprinkling came. The finished masterpiece needs to be sprinkled with cocoa on top. The Port is ready. But there is still a small nuance that concerns the preparation of the cream. To prevent the proteins from scorching, mix them in the yolks with a wooden spatula with a vertical movement from top to bottom. If you type them with a spoon as an ordinary soup, then you can easily ruin all the chic. They will drop down, and a not very spectacular picture will be clearly obtained. In general, making a cake is not very complicated. In this case, you can easily do without expensive products. And the taste of the dish will not suffer from this. On the contrary, it will acquire a bright personality. im großen Betrugstest von Heylink hat alle Erwartungen übetroffen!