13 reasons why foreplay may be better than sex

We bet that when you think of your best sexual experience, you think of foreplay first. You order an independent escort girl to fuck you to exhaustion.

Foreplay is not only important to get into the right frame of mind, it is also the moment when the true qualities of your bed partner come out. And there are many other reasons why foreplay might be better than sex.

1. foreplay is about giving // admit it, it's really nice when someone gets really turned on by your tricks in the bedroom.

2. Most women come faster during foreplay // Not all women can come only with penetration, but more women come during foreplay.

3. you get tired less // Going up and down is good for burning calories, but because you get tired faster, you don't last as long.

4. you feel sexier during foreplay // When your bed partner pays attention to your body, you don't have to focus on anything but feeling sexy and enjoying what he is doing.

5. It doesn't get boring so fast // And let's face it, sex can sometimes get boring if it goes on too long.

6. or a routine... // Of course there are plenty of sexual positions to try, but the reality is that as bed partners you often develop a sort of routine of positions. Foreplay, on the other hand, is less routine and makes the experience a little different.

7. during foreplay, it doesn't matter how big the other person is // the only thing that matters is technique, and anyone can learn it as long as they want.

8. during foreplay, it doesn't matter if he doesn't come // It's not a judgement, but it's still nice that foreplay can make your aroused state of mind not become an anti-climax.

9. it's more intimate // Indulging your bed partner with your hands or mouth is a bit more intimate than the missionary position.

10. you get to know each other's bodies better // Foreplay is all about sensation and kissing, two fundamental ways to discover and get to know each other's bodies better.

11. makes sex more pleasurable // A good start is half the battle.

12. it's easier to do it in the car // You don't have to explain uncomfortable positions.

13. is what makes you really good in bed // To be good in bed, you have to do more than just put it in. If you focus on our pleasure, you will eventually be a bed partner.