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Niemann on Wednesday, 16 November 2011. Posted in News

Today we announce the home of Archive and the Blue Door: will be the central hub of a project which has grown far bigger than I had imagined over a year ago when we started.  Originally ViGi was imagined to be a simple video game database with user submittable content akin to an IMDB for video games.  Archive has evolved over the past year and has really grown into an incredibly ambitious project guided by an incredible group of developers, designers, and editors.  Media center developers, designers, large and small companies, emulator developers, video game enthusiasts, and retro gaming enthusiasts from all over the world have contacted us asking what the deal with this project is.  We've reached over a half a million calls to the database, with over two-thousand different developers and testers.

Obviously we're doing something good here.  And we want the MacScene community to be a part of it...

Archive has just launched our Blue Key registration page.  Obtaining a Blue Key will grant you exclusive access to beta material (sites, apps, etc) as the project progresses.  Our hope is that our Blue Key holders will serve as our lasting beta testing crew.  There are a limited number of Blue Key spaces available, so go grab yours now.