Boxer Boxer

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Boxer plays all the MS-DOS games of your misspent youth, right here on your Mac. There’s no clots of configuration and baffling DOS commands between you and your fun: just drag-drop your games onto Boxer, and you’ll be playing in minutes. Boxer takes your CDs, floppies and bootleg game copies and wraps them into app-style gameboxes you just click to play. They’re self-contained so you can back them up or share them with friends. No mess, no fuss. If your nostalgia demands more, then decorate your games with gorgeous icons and admire your collection from your very own Finder games shelf. Boxer is powered by DOSBox’s robust DOS emulation, which means it’ll play almost any DOS game you throw at it.


  • Joysticks, baby! Boxer now emulates regular DOS joysticks, Thrustmaster and CH flightsticks, and DOS-era racing wheels.
  • Plug-and-play with any Mac-compatible USB or Bluetooth game controller…
  • …plus built-in Joypad support to let you use your iPhone as a gamepad.
  • Ready for OS X 10.7 Lion with an improved fullscreen mode and buckets of bugfixes.
  • Improvements to game importing, and compatibility fixes for a zillion more games.


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