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Adobe for Mac 7 years, 10 months ago #2065

I remember a couple of years using Adobe Premiere on Windows. The supposedly "top notch" video editing software, and expensive too. One thing it was infamous for at my school was that it crashed frequently. I mean, it crashed all the time! Especially if there is other programs running in the background. (you know when you edit video you want a sound editor running as well.) But sense then I got a mac, and got hold of a copy of Premiere for my Macbook Pro. I was thinking it would run better and flawless on a Macintosh. Hell no it doesn't! It does the same thing. So currently i'm looking for suggestions on great video editing programs that I might consider getting my hands on.

Anyone have any?

Re:Adobe for Mac 7 years, 10 months ago #2067

The only guys (and girls) I know who are video people & Mac users all use either Premiere or Final Cut Pro and all with very little grief as far as I'm aware. Given that the majority of videos I make are only very short and of very little consequence, I just use iMovie

If in doubt I'd Google.

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