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Downloading Rosetta, 10.6
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TOPIC: Downloading Rosetta, 10.6

Downloading Rosetta, 10.6 8 years, 3 months ago #1934

After pulling my hair out for the last half an hour I thought I'd seek help here. Recently my girlfriend updated her MBP to 10.6 to run a few specific pieces of software but didn't install Rosetta at the time (although I'm not sure why the update would have deleted it).

Anyway, for the first time since the update we've been trying to run some PPC apps and discovered that Rosetta is no longer installed. All the solutions online say that you either have to install it from the Snow Leopard disc (which isn't mounting anymore for some reason) or by running the PPC software in question in order to be prompted to download it directly. The latter option keeps eluding us as OS X isn't detecting that we've got a network connection and prompts Network Diagnostics. I know there's no problem with the connection so there's no need to run it (running it actually severs the connection then makes a fuss about reconnecting to the wireless network it was just connected perfectly well to! Grr!)

I can't seem to find any way around this problem and at the same time can't find a download for Rosetta anywhere. I know I could always run the applications on my Mac but that's not always convenient and seems ridiculous given that this computer was running all of these applications perfectly well until the update to 10.6!

Anyone got any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re:Downloading Rosetta, 10.6 8 years, 3 months ago #1935

Problem solved!

Booted 10.6 into safe mode and the Snow Leopard disc mounted first time. Installed Rosetta and everything's peachy once more.

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