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TOPIC: What are you playing right now?

Re: What are you playing right now? 8 years, 3 months ago #3250

I highly prefer the color scheme and design of the SNES over the US version. Maybe its cause I used it everyday for like 5 years, but it just looks better to me.

Re: What are you playing right now? 8 years, 2 months ago #3296

I finished Kingdom Hearts 2 ^^

Next is Lunar Silver Star Story Complete on PS1. It looks quite good so far. I just arrived in the big city Meribia.
I wish there were more 2D pixel art games nowadays (besides some indie games).

Re: What are you playing right now? 8 years, 2 months ago #3297

Lunar SSSC is definitely a big improvement on the original, although strangely going from the PS1 remake of 1 to the original of 2 wasn't that jarring. The original of 2 was quite good.

Re: What are you playing right now? 8 years ago #3382

Blaster Master: Blasting Again (PS1)
I'm having a surprising amount of fun with this one for a $1.95 complete-in-case used game. Haven't gotten my hands on the GBC BlasterMaster yet, but short of seeing that, this sequel does seem the most playable and true to the original. They even nailed SOPHIA-physics- nothing makes precision platforming more fun than adding rollerskates Difficulty is probably comparable to NES, possibly a fraction lower, but this time around you actually get save files, meaning the game is actually completable by means other than raw repetition. Music is solid, controls generally make sense even if certain maneuvers get awkward once you have all the abilities. The only severe downside is load time- 8-15 seconds between rooms on a PS2. I suspect emulation from ISO would be a serious improvement. Also... plot. I'm not normally one to complain about adding deep plot to games of other genres, but BM:BA borders on melodrama by the end >_<

Re: What are you playing right now? 7 years, 10 months ago #3480

lately ive been messing around with a lot of cheat codes for various systems from a cheat code wizard ive newly discovered that goes by nolberto. ive been using his "hit anywhere" codes on what seems like hundreds of games across dozens of platforms, everything from the atari 2600 to the ps2. im finally starting to get to the bottom of the barrel though but that guy is a real wizard when it comes to hacking cheat codes for games and ill be keeping an eye on him in the future for more amazing cheat codes. cheat codes like that give me a reason to play the same beloved games and revel in their nostalgia for the thousandth time.
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