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8-Bit Hero Trainer 4 years, 12 months ago #4089

While I haven't been doing much with emulation recently, I've still been doing a bit of homebrew. My latest NES project has now been "finished" for a few weeks, downloadable at www.psychsoftware.org/portfolio/index.ht...ftware&sec=Games (still ironing out some bugs as I negotiate towards a probable physical release some months away). It's a first-person "8-bit RPG combat training simulator." An unusual description, yes, but the game is pretty much exactly what you'd imagine from it- fighting and dodging stereotypical 8-bit RPG enemies, with your own body movement, in real time.

If anyone is looking for a new Mac or general emulation challenge, you can try adding Power Pad and Power Glove support (the full Power Glove tech spec has recently become available thanks to some serendipity on my end), otherwise this one will keep requiring actual hardware to play.

Gameplay demo is on the youtubes

Anyone in the Chicago area can also play it live at BitBash next weekend (August 22) - bitbashchicago.com/

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