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Awesome Games Done Quick 8 years, 7 months ago #3007

For those of you who are unaware, speedrunning site Speed Demos Archive is hosting their third annual Awesome Games Done Quick charity marathon- roughly a week of live streaming 24/7 video game speedruns. AGDQ1 9CGDQ) raised ~$25k. AGDQ2 raised over $50k. This year they're a bit over half way through and well on their way to $100k. All proceeds go to the Prevent Cancer Foundation.
It's really an awesome event to tune into, as they also have a live-in-room camera stream and do crazy special events like a (now past) Castlevania run with the background music performed live, a 2-players-1-controller Contra run (upcoming) and donation prizes for nearly every game.

Streams, donations and webchat are at speeddemosarchive.com/
Game list, prizes and schedule are at speeddemosarchive.com/marathon/schedule/
and the currently raised amounts for each challenge are at donations.uranium-anchor.com/tracker/choices/ when the site isn't overwhelmed

Oh, and the grand prize drawing for donations of $30+ is a replica OoT Master Sword. Like, actual to-scale metal custom work.
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Re: Awesome Games Done Quick 8 years, 6 months ago #3018

Oh, you guys don't know what you missed. Vids will be up on the site in a few weeks, but as a quick teaser, I took some cliff notes of the OoT run:

get sword, shield, nuts, sticks
sign-skip out of forest
Kakariko Well (chicken glitch in, room-load glitch to boss, clip-to-water glitch to bombchu)
Hyrule castle
bombchu recoil backflip into garden
deathskip lullaby, save-quit-warp to forest
recoil on boulder crouch-stab to pass owl, navi talk glitch into zora tunnel
bombchu wall clip past king zora
Jabu-Jabu's Belly side-jump entry
boomerang get, trickery, beat dungeon, save-warp to forest
sign skip out
Temple of Time / Master Sword / no more child Link for remainder of run, save-warp out
Dodongo's Cavern, bombs, win
Dampe's Grave/hookshot, damage-reset out
Shadow Temple (infinite sword glitch, recoil to seam from top of shack, skip torch/door load)
hover boots, shenanigans, win
Sword fairy / magic
Death mountain crater for song (death cutscene skip)
Forest Temple (bomb jump store), cutscene death skip,
glitchfest, bow, skip to boss, win
glitch enter Deku Tree, breakage, win
Water Temple (don't ask), skip to boss, win
float/recoil over Gerudo valley,
Gerudo fort, gate skip (float boots), Desert colossus exterior
20-tricks-in-1 bomb-climb-seam-break-stuff, Mirror Shield, Spirit Temple backwards with insanity, win
Fire Temple, by-ish the book, win
Ganon's Castle
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