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TOPIC: iCade Custom Decals

iCade Custom Decals 9 years ago #2966

I know at least one person here - Mr. Niemann - has got an iCade, so I thought I'd ask around for some advice.

I've done some Googling about iCade custom decals and there's chatter about it here and there. Does anyone know anywhere I might pick some up? Failing that, do any designers know how difficult it would be to make our own?

I bought my girlfriend one for Christmas and I have to say it's better than I expected. With the arrival of iMame in particular, it's brought a bit of the arcade experience into our little apartment with relatively little expense and without losing too much space. As much as I don't mind the iCade logos all over it, it would be nice to get something a little cooler on there.

Oh, and Merry Christmas all, I've not had much time to be around here lately!

Re: iCade Custom Decals 9 years ago #2971

Rolling your own custom designs should't be that difficult.

Three main things you will need...

1. Measurements of the icade panels (so a template can be drawn in Photoshop/Illustrator)
2. Good source of original artwork at a high resolution (150 dpi or better)... or ability to draw your own.
3. Access to a print shop who can do large format vinyl stickers (signage printers also offer this).

There might already be iCade panel template floating around on the web, but measuring it and getting it precise is key.
You might be able to print it in a format other than a vinyl sticker but, this is the route I would go.

Re: iCade Custom Decals 9 years ago #2972

Oh and Merry Christmas!

I found you a template in PDF form which you can download here: Click This Blue Stuff

I came across it after Googling and seeing a competition being run by ThinkGeek.com ...but it has closed now. There might be some custom decals you can purchase from them? (I didn't look around the site for that).
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Re: iCade Custom Decals 9 years ago #2976

Cheers for that, I appreciate the tips.

I'm quite friendly with some people in our university graphics department so I might be calling in some favours!

Re: iCade Custom Decals 9 years ago #2978

Check back in here and let us know how it goes.

I don't know about the distribution numbers of the iCade but, there might be a small but hungry enough market to do
some custom designs for sale.

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