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Portal - Free til Tuesday
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TOPIC: Portal - Free til Tuesday

Portal - Free til Tuesday 8 years ago #2573

You've now got no excuse not to play Portal. It's free until Tuesday apparently.

Check it out. It makes you a better person.

Re: Portal - Free til Tuesday 8 years ago #2579

Does it run on PowerPC? Nope? Guess I still have my excuse.

Re:Portal - Free til Tuesday 8 years ago #2580

like the Squirrel says there's my excuse and it doesn't run on iPad2 so I'm out.

Re:Portal - Free til Tuesday 8 years ago #2583

My excuse? It requires steam... I'm not letting that onto my computer.

Re:Portal - Free til Tuesday 8 years ago #2584


Re:Portal - Free til Tuesday 8 years ago #2585

It already was free last year when Steam for Mac was released. (or was that even two years ago?)
I bought it back then, very cool game, indeed!

The Steam app itself sucks quite hard. But besides that I don't know why to not let it on ones computer.
Still using a PPC as the main machine? Time for an upgrade. PPC was 5-6 years ago. That's really f*ing old!

Re:Portal - Free til Tuesday 8 years ago #2586

You're right, I got it then too. You're also right about Steam, it's probably one of the worst (popular) applications I've ever used but Valve's games make up for that.

I've still got a PPC machine and I still need Rosetta for a very small number of applications so I can't dismiss it quite so easily.

Re:Portal - Free til Tuesday 8 years ago #2587

The point is, you don't use the PPC as your main machine, do you?
Or to put it another way, you have a newer machine than that.

With PPC you can't even play SNES games through BSNES

Re:Portal - Free til Tuesday 8 years ago #2588

Yeah, I can't believe people still use PPC machines as their primary computers. They began that in 2006.

Also, while Steam isn't the best written program on the Mac (at all), the abilities to have "Steam Play" on games, the weekly deals, and have basically Xbox Live better than Windows could do Windows Live really sell the program. I can play Braid here on my Mac, and finish it up at work on Windows 7.

Re:Portal - Free til Tuesday 8 years ago #2589

My dad uses a PowerMac G5 as his work computer. Every time I jump on there I'm amazed at how fast and responsive it is. Don't be too quick to write off PPC machines as too old and slow to use as primary computers.

Re:Portal - Free til Tuesday 8 years ago #2590

My final thought before this gets too off-topic:

My dad uses an old iBook G4 for most of his daily computer activities (word processing, browsing, blogging, email, Spotify etc.) and he would probably wouldn't benefit much more from a more recent machine. In fact, he's got an Intel Mac Mini that gets nowhere near as much use as the iBook (although at least my mum can actually get a look-in on there). The only real difference in his mind is that one's a laptop, the other isn't.

Additionally, I always keep in mind that a computer's just as fast as it was when you bought it. If your needs haven't changed then it'll probably still do the job just fine. I bought an iMac G5 just a couple of months Apple switched to Intel and only upgraded 3 years later when I needed a notebook for portability. I know there are different cases for different applications and uses but my point is that if something does what you need then there's no need to upgrade. That's not to say it's a bad thing to upgrade though.

Enough. If you've got an compatible Mac, if you don't mind Steam and if you want to play an awesome game then go and download Portal before tomorrow.

Re:Portal - Free til Tuesday 8 years ago #2591

dickmedd, I'm sorry for derailing your thread. I thought my post would be laughed at and real discussion would have followed.

Back on topic, now:
Hey guys, there's a free game to be had. Check out the first post! It's a limited time offer, so hurry.

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