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TOPIC: Sixtyforce Updated

Sixtyforce Updated 11 years ago #731

Happy birthday, Gerrit!

From his site:

It's Gerrit's birthday...

To celebrate sixtyforce 0.9.5 beta 1 has been released!

This verison has major improvements to nearly everything. An improved Cocoa interface, better graphic compatibility, better emulation compatibility and improved sound. Plus a new sound plugin is included for Intel Macs: Azimer Audio 0.55.1.

This version has been tested quite a bit, but if you find any bugs make sure to send them in.

Re:Sixtyforce Updated 11 years ago #732

Well, I'll be. Hell hath frozen over! Heh

Re:Sixtyforce Updated 11 years ago #733

Seems like he somehow broke Zelda:Oot.

It crashes on starting a new game now, and his bug report page won't accept any new reports . . .

Awesome to see a new version though . . . I was beginning to worry!

Re:Sixtyforce Updated 11 years ago #734

oot runs fine for me, though on the first cutscene I got no textures and just green models, when the camera angle changes its fine from there. Needs more graphic plugins, Napalm support would be awesome.

Re:Sixtyforce Updated 11 years ago #735

OoT is definitely broken. I hear audio but see static garbage against a black screen.

Re:Sixtyforce Updated 11 years ago #736

Try a different Rom File. Title screen works fine. After I create a character, graphics are really messed up.
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Re:Sixtyforce Updated 11 years ago #738

Mario 64 seems to work well, but OoT crashes for me right after trying to start a game with a new character.

Re:Sixtyforce Updated 11 years ago #744

Man what a relic... it's still going!
Its always been an okay emulator (although times have changed a LOT.) Somebody should write a book about this app. What's the history?

My understanding is that it started as a port of an emulator called 1964 for OS 8.6 (or there about... it needed carbon.lib or something... I always remember needing to install an extension to run it on 8.6... or something... too long ago!)

Then Gerrit said... meh... 1964 sux, and re-wrote the emulator pretty well from scratch and called in Sixtyforce.

Then OS X came... and he dumped it + wrote it all from scratch again. Around this time most thought it was dead, but it came out for OS X after a long wait!

Certain OS X updates came... he decided to dump it and re-write it (during this period the time between updates got even slower.)

Intel came... total re-write!

And now this. I'm pretty sure my history's out of whack... but it's an amazing relic of an app that just doesn't seem to die! It's great having a Mac-only N64 emulator, and I'm glad that Gerrit keeps updating it (and hasn't simply made a more complete port of Mupen or something instead.)

Remember Flea? He made a port of Mupen... used to be on here heaps... then suddenly became too busy (or something) and basically disappeared. Any guesses who he really was?

Re:Sixtyforce Updated 11 years ago #746

Heh. Flea. That brings back memories. He knows me under a different moniker though from a server we both used to frequent to chat on. Nice fellow, as are most of the emulation authors (Richard Bannister, John Stiles, etc.) Well, unless you piss'em off by being stupid (I've done that a couple times).

Despite most people not saying so, I know almost all of us really appreciate what these folks have given us. Without them, all our childhood game memories would be just that - memories.

Re:Sixtyforce Updated 11 years ago #748

Squishy Tia wrote:
Heh. Flea. That brings back memories. He knows me under a different moniker though from a server we both used to frequent to chat on.

You don't mean Hotline by any chance, do you? I used to run one, and he was a prominent member on mine at least, but I'm sure one a whole bunch too.

Re:Sixtyforce Updated 11 years ago #751

Hahaha Hotline was golden! 8 Bits of Power and Kei's Emu's!
I guess Hotline's still going? Maybe not... there was Carracho as well.

I met Adam Hinkley a while back; he's also an Aussie. I was presenting at an Apple Expo in Oz and a guy registered as "Adam Hinkley" asked a lot of questions, so I asked him if he'd made an app called Hotline it was him...

Re:Sixtyforce Updated 11 years ago #754

Hotline was great. I miss it to this day. I've tried some of the alternatives, but that was the best of everything. It had the social aspect before that was "cool".

Re:Sixtyforce Updated 11 years ago #778

OoT "1.2" seems to be mostly working, but it does like there are issue with fullscreen textures. Certain indoor rooms like Link's house, which I think would normally be done as a flat fullscreen texture show up as flat-shaded reference (collision?) geometry with major glitching on text/window textures. There are also a few glitched textures in the menu screen (which seems to pull up the intended flat texture of the last-entered glitched room as its background when I open it). Other than that, the game seems to run much better than last I played it, and I'm even getting proper analog stick input from my gamepad

Re:Sixtyforce Updated 11 years ago #827

For some reason, my keyboard crashes every time i use this app, does everyone else have that issue? only the top and bottom rows on my MBP will do anything, even after i quit the application, i have to reboot to get any input to be accepted from my letter and number keys

Re:Sixtyforce Updated 11 years ago #830

Can't say that I've noticed that. Got any third-party control-mapping apps running? (any at all; even if you don't have them configured or in use per se, they may still be catching the launch and switching things around)

Re:Sixtyforce Updated 11 years ago #833

i have bettertouchtool for my trackpad but nothing for the keyboard.

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