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Older versions of Emulator Enhancer
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TOPIC: Older versions of Emulator Enhancer

Older versions of Emulator Enhancer 8 months, 1 week ago #4473

Due to the impending closure of eSellerate existing versions of Emulator Enhancer will be withdrawn from sale on 30 June.

Please see my site for more details:


Re: Older versions of Emulator Enhancer 8 months, 1 week ago #4474

I was thinking about rebuilding my PowerMac with a fresh OS X install. If I did that, is there any way to backup the old Emulator Enhancer 2.x activation?

Re: Older versions of Emulator Enhancer 8 months ago #4475

I don't remember how v2 works and I don't have the code to hand. Were I in your position I'd do it before June 30th

Re: Older versions of Emulator Enhancer 8 months ago #4476

Guess that means I need to either find my email with the activation code or get it from eSellerate before that date so I can keep things running smoothly on my MacPro1,1, which I still use for MIDI and some emulators (since emulators like Atari800MacX are broken in 10.12 and later due to SDL 1.x no longer functioning).

Edit: Actually, I may have one of the older Kagi registrations and not eSellerate. How should I properly go about making sure I have the necessary files backed up or getting my actual username/code to copy and store?

Edit 2: Found my ooooooold email with the EE2 code. That's getting backed up ASAP. BTW, why is Mojave required for the newest releases now instead of 10.11.6? I know 10.11's Metal drivers were insanely buggy, to say the least, but I'm fairly certain Apple hasn't forced XCode minimum target beyond 10.11.6 yet. I know they will bump it up to 10.12 as the minimum soonish, due to the Metal driver bugs in 10.11 that I noted, but I can't see why Mojave is the minimum required, so I'm curious to learn why.

Oh, and eSellerate's email database appears to have been purged, at least for anyone that wasn't a recent purchaser. The eSellerate portal on the Digital River site appear to be for admin/company users only. The eSellerate store nets a 403 - Forbidden Access error. So it may already be too late for users that aren't packrats like me that didn't keep their registration email or lost it somehow.
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Re: Older versions of Emulator Enhancer 8 months ago #4477

The Mojave requirement is because the OpenGL code fails in bizarre ways when built with Xcode on Mojave.

It compiles and runs but it does not work as expected (or indeed as it did) with previous versions of Xcode.

I've now built a Metal renderer to replace it (though right now there's no curvature, it's a regular display only). It could well work pre-Mojave, but I haven't tested it. It does require Metal capable hardware though.

Re: Older versions of Emulator Enhancer 8 months ago #4478

Thanks for answering that for me. If the renderer is Metal based, it should work at the very least from 10.12 on up no problem. 10.11's drivers were...buggy, to say the least and should be avoided by the end user at any cost anyway.

Re: Older versions of Emulator Enhancer 5 months, 2 weeks ago #4498

Just a reminder that June 30th is approaching.

I did a fresh install of OSX on my G5 (with an SSD too!) and couldn't get Emulator Enhancer registered by coping files from my old user profile over. I also searched the OS's Library folder for Emulator Enhancer files - no luck.

I had to get my old registration email, key in the registration number, get brought to a webpage listing some activation code, key that in to Emulation Enhancer, and all done.

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