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OpenEmu and IPS
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TOPIC: OpenEmu and IPS

OpenEmu and IPS 3 years ago #4120

Subject says it all. Does OpenEmu support dynamic IPS application on any cores? Last I heard anyone rand on the subject, pre-patched ROMs were evil incarnate and made preservation a nightmare and dynamic IPS application was the way of the future and the only way to retain truth, justice and sanity in a crumbling universe (or I may just be paraphrasing...).
And yet all the typical mechanisms- explicit menus/options, colocation, colocation in a named folder, dragging the .ips into the app after the ROM, etc. don't seem to do anything... Am I missing something, or are we not in fact living in the future yet?

Re: OpenEmu and IPS 3 years ago #4124

Looks like clobber supports patching the ROMs


Re: OpenEmu and IPS 3 years ago #4126

I gave up on dynamic patching years ago. I just keep my reference set, and then my patched items with docs, all TOSEC named to make tracking easier.

Pre-patching was a real mess a decade or so ago, as everyone was messing with their ROMs and then submitting them to ROM sets, causing a whole bunch of variants that were really just personal hacks.

Nowadays, the older sets are pretty static, so this isn't really such an issue: for the most part, everyone's figured out which dumps are legit and which are patched now.

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