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TOPIC: Neo geo stuff

Neo geo stuff 6 years ago #3409

played metal slug 7 on my ds today and it got me thinking.... tho' I used to be able to use GeoMame for that kind of thing, is there anything like that today? (I think GeoMame is PPC only so it'd run slowly if at all now)

John B

Re: Neo geo stuff 6 years ago #3410

AFAIK MAME does just fine with it. You'll need the usual suspects to get neo geo functionality (the neo geo ROM along with the game ROM(s), but that part we can't help you with.

There is a MacMAME and MAME SDL version, and I believe the SDL version is kept more up to date.

Re: Neo geo stuff 6 years ago #3411

I don't go near that SDL stuff, I like the regular emulators where ya go in, load a rom & play without bein a tech wizard.

Re: Neo geo stuff 6 years ago #3412

There's also NeoRaine. I haven't used it before, so no idea how user-friendly it is. And for Neo Geo Pocket Color there's Richard Bannister's Neopocott.

Re: Neo geo stuff 6 years ago #3413

Tried NeoRaine yesterday, think its for Lion cuz it gives me a wrong MacOs X version warnin.

Re: Neo geo stuff 6 years ago #3416

If you check the NeoRaine page, it shows that SDL frameworks are needed. So in the end, you may as well just use MAME SDL, since you're going to have to muck with those frameworks anyway. And doing so will give you a fully functional MAME/Neo Geo emulator.

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