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Emulation on the Wii
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TOPIC: Emulation on the Wii

Emulation on the Wii 8 years ago #1102

Anyone else out there run the homebrew channel and emulate systems this way? I picked up a classic controller at launch and never had a use for it until about 5 months ago when I finally installed the homebrew channel to see how emulation would perform. It's outstanding. I've done the Atari, Coleco, NES, SNES, Genesis and SCUMMVM (still having some trouble with that one). It seems even better than on my Mac or PC.

Also while I'm on the topic what's up Nintendo changing your classic going with a PS style classic controller glad I got mine when I did. So anyway that was a rant but I think the performance is outstanding as I don't plan to continue buying modern things as I only own about 5 games on the Wii that I thought were worth it. Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? Censored tag? *cricket*

Re:Emulation on the Wii 8 years ago #1104

Yes, the emulation is excellent. I am trying to get the Intellivision one to work right.
There is a 4.3 update out. Don't do it! You'll lose all your soft-modded stuff.

Have you used the homebrew browser? Excellent source for new and updated emus.

Re:Emulation on the Wii 8 years ago #1115

Nah I've not updated since 4.2u. Ya know homebrew browser is an outstanding resource and yet I talk to a few other people that soft modded that don't use it. Connected to the Wiki resources and auto updating its the greatest! The only thing I have a problem with is the NES one I updated it using HBB and it wants to update when I launch it then it just sits there. I think I'll have to do a direct upload.

Re:Emulation on the Wii 8 years ago #1140

How would I go about emulating my Wii? Is it complicated? I would really enjoy playing old games on it.

Re:Emulation on the Wii 8 years ago #1143

Look into softmodding. Just as long as you don't have the latest firmware I think it's 4.3u you should be fine. The tutorial file I got was called "HOWTO WII 4.2.rar" had great instructions and folders for files of each step took me about 30 min cuz I went extra slow to make sure I didn't mess anything up. Then you just need some emulators for the homebrew channel.

Re:Emulation on the Wii 8 years ago #1148

Which way was better, though? Super Smash Bros. (Which, I hear, works on all firmwares.) or Twilight Princess?

Re:Emulation on the Wii 8 years ago #1156

It's not done that way any more using those game firmwares.

Re:Emulation on the Wii 8 years ago #1161

What website would I get the information for this from then?
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Re:Emulation on the Wii 8 years ago #1162

I hear this place is good.

I'm not at all into the Wii modding scene, but I know GBAtemp could help you out.

Re:Emulation on the Wii 8 years ago #1169

I've never seen that first link before!
Thanks for the second one, though.

Re:Emulation on the Wii 8 years ago #1173

GBA one is a great one and so is: WiiHacks

Re:Emulation on the Wii 8 years ago #1174

For most basic information on soft-modding your Wii, check out WiiBrew. It's a great wiki, but unfortunately not that comprehensive. It's growing, though!

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