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Re:Emulator Database 12 years, 11 months ago #779

Mucx wrote:
That means, every emulator on Mac, Windows and Linux variations along with the setting they use will need to be documented and kept up to date?

Hopefully. Assuming we have a large enough community, this should be simple enough.

As soon as an emulator adds something new, people need to be all over it knowledge wise and change all the game settings again and then re-rate?

I wouldn't necessarily require a re-rate, however, we all know of emus that break/add compatibility with new versions, so yea, this may be appropriate.

What about previous versions of the emulator? Do we keep hold of those as well?


What about weird quirky things like Intel vs PPC or graphics cards which can be additional peculiarities?

Part of user specs?

How feasable an undertaking is that and how much benefit is it?
Is that needed by 80% of the user base.... or 2%?

For the older emulators, not as necessary. For developing Emus, probably very. How many times are versions a problem with PCSX, or like the newest Sixty Force?

What priority would it have on a feature list for the website? (e.g more important than gameplay trailers or a forum?)

Honestly don't know. This is something we clearly haven't spec'ed out all the way yet.

I suppose a 'Compatibility' subsection for a game listing could be a way. Select your OS, then see an initial list rating of all the latest emulators versions known to run the game...click one to see notes on best known settings. (popup available to change and see different version of that emulator).

Yes. This way people have the best knowledge to help them run games. I can handle the DB code no problem. Getting good information may be problematic in the beginning. However, top level (ie just emu name) info will be good enough in the beginning, and as the community builds, we can drill down.

I aska lot of questions I know...but it gets to the heart of the problem and aids the communication design needed.

No problem. I'm sure we will have many many such discussions

(Although, if every game needs that level of tweaking, I would be harsh and say it is the emulator that needs fixed so people can use it better...ideal world I know).

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