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Glad You Are Back!
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TOPIC: Glad You Are Back!

Glad You Are Back! 14 years ago #469

Wow havent been here in a good 6 months and thought that this place was suffering a slow death but I am glad to see it being resurrected.
Good work Niemann and others involved.

Also, the news posts are pretty good so far and had a nice read through them.

The one about NES Emulation was good. In fact, I think that would make a great feature. Take each system over the years give a nice summary and overview of it, set the scene and time period, talk about 3 of the top games and then give a good overview of the emulation aspect for Mac users.
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Re:Glad You Are Back! 14 years ago #470

It's certainly good to be back, and good to see you.

I'm hoping to do many more of the articles you mentioned, especially for the systems I'm most familiar with. Unfortunately recent events have redirected my attention to putting together the download database for MacScene, other website projects, and a Mac CNC machine I'm working on. But all in good time.

Glad you stopped by again.

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