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Saturn DRM cracked
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TOPIC: Saturn DRM cracked

Saturn DRM cracked 1 year ago #4252

Very interesting video on cracking circumventing the Saturn's cd drive DRM.

Also, he released the cd block code to emulator authors, which is cool.
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Re: Saturn DRM cracked 1 year ago #4253

Interesting, how about fascinating? I really enjoyed watching this one.
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Re: Saturn DRM cracked 1 year ago #4254

@Squirrel I think you have some content blocker active, as the video is in menace690's post. And if you post the link the video will be inserted instead of a link.

Re: Saturn DRM cracked 1 year ago #4255

Yup, NoScript is the culprit here. I cannot figure out why it won't allow me to see the videos either. Just odd.

I did post the link originally, and when I looked at my post the link was missing. So I went to edit it thinking I screwed up somehow, the link was still there. So I changed it to a URL. That went missing too. I give up.

Re: Saturn DRM cracked 10 months, 3 weeks ago #4264

Cool, I loved my Saturn!! My Saturn and Dreamcast were two ridiculously good Japanese consoles (with lots of cool Napanese games). It was sad to see Sega exit the console market.

Yabause is GRADUALLY getting there by the looks of it and seems to have implemented this code:


Anybody tried to do an OS X build?

Re: Saturn DRM cracked 4 months, 3 weeks ago #4323

1) Shut up and take my money
2) Shut up and take my money
3) Shut up and take my money
4) I'll even take a bare-board proto
5) My analog signals & systems is rusty as heck, but if you have the CD control IC/ROM itself mapped, that would be a glorious thing to just casually skim over next time I have a few months to just geek out. Are wall-sized posters of disassembled IC code maps a thing?

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