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MacScene Frontpage 11 years, 1 month ago #2695

The new MacScene has settled in nicely, there have been far fewer hostile emails and messages sent my way after this refresh. And I thank you all for that.

One thing I would like to begin working on is MacScene content. And of course the first place to find ideas for this, is from the community. What sites do you visit in each day to get your fix of gaming, retro, and general news? What sort of news would you want to see at MacScene? Are interviews, history, opinion (Mossy has done some amazing stuff with these), and emulator reviews what you crave? Basically what I'm asking, is what do you want MacScene to be?

Re: MacScene Frontpage 11 years, 1 month ago #2696

I miss the VGFOTDs. They were funny. I kind of looked forward to them. I do not however, care for the twitter tags all over the right side of the front page. I mean no offense (really I don't), but that just looks tacky and makes the site seem like it is set up to get hits from search engines based on those tags. Hash tags are gaudy and sooooo IRC (like IRC from fifteen years ago).

Not that I care much for twitter anyway...its format is the bane of anybody that learned how to write/type actual English instead of the blasted AOLspeak seen everywhere today (including among other places, corporate memo boards in handwriting).

I sort of like the media of the day though - got a kick out of seeing somebody play nearly identically to how I used to play Contra for the NES (I mastered that game in single life runs using any weapon (and only that weapon) I chose for that run. Laser was still the most OPd if you knew how to use it right. Machine gun....not so much thanks to the 6502's legendary inability to handle more than a set number of sprites on the real hardware (yay NEStopia!).

TL;DR version: New look took a while to sink in. I mostly like it. Miss VGFOTD, like MOTD, tags look awful.

Edit: Why does text typed into the text fields appear black on white, but the finalized forum text appear grey? Harder to read that way..very headache inducing having to squint at my TV (32" two feet in front of me at 1600x900) to read the forum text. Grey on white hurt eyes.
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Re: MacScene Frontpage 11 years, 1 month ago #2697

I would love some articles about the Mac OS before OS X (nowadays known as Classic), including software and games for it.
How to emulate it, what work is needed etc.

Re: MacScene Frontpage 11 years, 1 month ago #2699

I'm not so much into articles as I am community at present.
I would like to see more posts here on the forums, debate, links to cool stuff etc.
The places needs more people rather than articles in my opinion. (not that articles should stop, just the focus).

Racketboy and the website there is a great example of a thriving forum community... I visit it daily for interesting thoughts, things for sale, debates, links, pictures of game rooms, console mods etc etc.

Re: MacScene Frontpage 11 years ago #2806

Niemann, can you check and take a loot at why the front page constantly (and randomly) marks threads/posts as "unread" even after I've viewed them several times in a row? An example is the PCSX-R thread - I view it fairly often yet the last post will always show "unread" even if new posts haven't appeared.

Re: MacScene Frontpage 11 years ago #2807

^ Yes, Ive found this happening to me too.

Also, the forums don't seem to remember me and I need to sign-in every visit. I don't know if this is something related to me and my Safari but, at least my password is well ingrained in my head now!

Re: MacScene Frontpage 11 years ago #2810

Mucx wrote:
Also, the forums don't seem to remember me and I need to sign-in every visit.

Every once in a while I'll have to logon again myself. It's been happening to me since the previous incarnation of MacScene. I use Firefox.

Re: MacScene Frontpage 11 years ago #2811

This happens to me everytime I login from a different computer. IE I login from work and it keeps me on for days, but if I login from home, next time I go to work I need to login again, and vice versa.

Re: MacScene Frontpage 11 years ago #2817

Have you guys deleted your cookies on both computers? I sometimes login from work, and I don't have to relogin on either machine if I have it set to remember me.

Re: MacScene Frontpage 11 years ago #2818

I've done it a ton of times. I think my issue may stem from developing for Elemodo. I think some of the cookies conflict.

Re: MacScene Frontpage 11 years ago #2819

Yeah, I'm not sure what the deal with the login cookies are. A normal user on the site should remain logged in for a week, then it should expire. I'm not sure I like this behavior, but apparently it's standard. I'll look into it at some point, see if there's a better way.

Menace, I have the same problem often from different test and in-development sites. Many conflicts with cookies, sorry.

Re: MacScene Frontpage 11 years ago #2869

The News Roundup is really late this month.

Re: MacScene Frontpage 11 years ago #2870

Oh good, someone noticed.

I didn't manage to have it done until a week ago, by which point I figured there'd be new news to track down. So I decided just to skip the October roundup. You'll get two months for the price of one in a couple of dayson Monday or Tuesday this week. (And hopefully some more articles in the coming weeks.)
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Re: MacScene Frontpage 10 years, 11 months ago #2906

Great job guys. Keep it up, this site looks amazing!

Re: MacScene Frontpage 10 years ago #3564

Now it's already November and no new News Roundup so far.

Re: MacScene Frontpage 10 years ago #3565

Sorry about that. I started it a few weeks ago, then got crazy busy. I plan to get it up in the next few days, then we should be back to the regular first-week-of-the-month roundup schedule.

This may be a good time to remind everyone that we're always open to volunteers who'd like to help out with articles and news. And if anyone is hesitant only because of issues with writing fluency, don't worry—I've got you covered (I write for a living, and I'm a good editor).

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