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A general overview of MacScene
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TOPIC: A general overview of MacScene

Re:A general overview of MacScene 8 years ago #1255

To add a view of a less seasoned member, I'd like to say that I'm surprised by the accepting attitude of long-time users. I enjoy checking out the site, seeing what people have to say, and participating actively, all without hesitation. Even the recent thread about Flash is a debate, yet retains a civilized and generally open feel, even with multiple conflicting viewpoints. I want to see the site flourish and grow, and continue to keep such a friendly attitude.

Long live MacScene!

Re:A general overview of MacScene 8 years ago #1256

jetboy wrote:

I think we all change... I think that most of the original members (correct me if I'm wrong) were teenagers and have now grown up. I know this is the case with me (except for the growing up part) but I'm married with a kid, and don't really have much time for emulation/games. Right now the only emulator I'm using is Mini vMac.

yep! when mac emuscene started, i was around 16. i was really involved (being one of the co-founders) but life happened, school, moving, job.. etc. I didn't have time to keep up with it. I've always come back to check news, community stuff, and articles but didn't participate in the discussions much.

nowadays, life is pretty much evening out so im back. yes, i TOO would love to have emulation be part of the site. It's our niche here. also, gaming in general i think would be great to see. what i'm referring to though is indie mac games/ports and hacks included as well. i loved the Stunt Copter post a while back.

anyways, im really glad to be back and become more involved and also i'm happy to see the community growing again.
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Re:A general overview of MacScene 8 years ago #1258

Niemann wrote:
Also, over the past couple of days (four days or so) we've had a 25% - 30% increase in traffic on MacScene. This includes a 28% increase in unique visitors and a 45% increase in pageviews. It seems to be in every country, every demographic, and from every source.
Just reading this again and thought I'd let you know that I can't set my timezone to anything non-US! Would it be possible to switch to plain and simple GMT? Thanks macscene.net/components/com_kunena/templ.../emoticons/smile.png

Re:A general overview of MacScene 8 years ago #1259

I've added the twenty-seven standard timezones. Let me know if that covers you.

Re:A general overview of MacScene 8 years ago #1260

Lately, the MacScene page has been having problems remembering my password.
I don't think it was my computer because I haven't touched any settings in a while. I was wondering if it might have anything to do with the new login button. It's just a thought, but please help.

Re:A general overview of MacScene 8 years ago #1261

Jack, lately as in the past couple of days? And have you tried deleting any old MacScene cookies?

Re:A general overview of MacScene 8 years ago #1262

Niemann wrote:
I've added the twenty-seven standard timezones. Let me know if that covers you.
All sorted. Thanks a lot!

Re:A general overview of MacScene 8 years ago #1267

ahhh... "tell the story of how you found Macscene", eh?
Yeah... I was part of the emulation.net refugee crowd when that site went dormant and I wanted software updates. Back then I'd seen emuscene once or twice, but emulation.net seemed enough more straightforward to find the emulators, and I didn't care much for forums. I stuck around, though, joined the community at some point, and then went through undergrad and grad school, Sonic 2 hackery, nearly building a NES on a FPGA, and releasing some homebrew NES demos/games, finding the forums here to be a great resource/feedback-mechanism for all of it. These days I do miss the heady progress in new emulators that the '90s-early-'00s showed, particularly in the NES and SNES domain, but honestly there isn't much left to perfect on those fronts, and since I don't have the skill/knowledge/time myself to be working on newer system emulators, I can hardly hold the lack of progress against anyone else. I currently have a big queue of PS1/PS2 games to get through, so my emulation usage has been down lately, but I still do uncover and play through the odd independent translation or dive back into music archives.

One thing that I think has always helped is that as a Mac gaming/emulation crowd, none of us have likely grown up with an expectation of free games on demand, so the folks who do stick around are generally more interested in the "science" of the stuff than on a quick fix like you might find on a more PC-sourced gaming site. And that anchor of serious users has let us clearly see and respond to jokers before the posting environment shifts too much (although we have had a few endearing village idiots over the years... ).

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